Rescued. Reclaimed. Refined.

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Hand-built reclaimed wood furniture with the history of North Carolina

I can build anything, any size and shape for every environment. What is important to me is that we communicate the client's experience or history through wood. Capturing a client's story is what motivates me to build and get up in the morning.”

Kerry Peterson - Owner, Thee Rusty Nail

The Birth of thee Rusty Nail comes from deep rooted passion of storytelling. Our mission is to help others tell their story through the majestic designs of rustic furniture in Raleigh. Thee Rusty Nail rescues, reclaims and transforms historical North Carolina wood into magnificent, modern day custom furniture.

From old barns, farms, and family homestead outbuildings; from the foothills to the outskirts of the city, these collections of handmade furniture are recovered from different regions of North Carolina. We consider it a privilege to place these refined conceptions of beauty within their new purpose.

Hand-Crafted Custom Furniture

Thee Rusty Nail offers four different collections: Thee Garage, Upcycle, Fusion and Rescue Reclaimed Collection. All ranging from home accessories to rustic furniture in Raleigh, there is a little something in each of our collections for everyone.

Thee R+R Collection

Thee Rescue+Reclaimed [R+R] Collection is a rescue and repurposing venture. We utilize materials from old barns, buildings and homesteads, to preserve rich family legacies, community, country, and culture.

Thee Fusion Collection

Where history meets hi-tech. Best described as a beautiful collision between incredible reclaimed and naturally-aged wood, and hi-tech tooling and technologies. This collection is a perfect example of honoring our past, while still appreciating how far technology has come.

Thee Garage Collection

Where rust meets dust. This collection of custom furniture mixes all types of petroliana, automotive and signage pieces, parts and props, all collected locally with reclaimed wood and other local materials.

Thee Upcycled Collection

Where past meets present. We are constantly in search of items to give a new life. We find ways to save and recycle many different objects, items and materials, that are discarded or otherwise thought to have lost their purpose.